Season 3
Strike Back Vengeance
Strike Back: Vengeance
Episodes: 10
Original airdate: First Episode (US):
August 27, 2012
First Episode (UK):
September 2, 2012
Last Episode (US):
October 12, 2012

Strike Back: Vengeance is the third season of the Strike Back series.


See also: Recurring characters, Character appearances for Season 3



Picture Title Number Season Number Director Writer Original Airdate U.S. viewers
Season 3 Episode 1 "Episode 1" 17 1 Bill Eagles Tony Saint August 17, 2012 0.390
Damien Scott is sent to Mogadishu, Somalia to rescue a British diplomat and junior attaché after they are kidnapped by warlord Huseyin Waabri. Meanwhile Michael Stonebridge adapts to his new career of training Section 20 recruits. He is later called back into duty after Scott is captured in Mogadishu.
150px "Episode 2" 18 2 Bill Eagles Tony Saint August 17, 2012 0.390
Scott learns that one of the hostages is a high-ranking military intelligence operative and that Waabri is planning to sell four nuclear triggers in South Africa. Scott, Stonebridge and the kidnapees escape Waabri's liar, however they must also contend with a militia that is hunting them on their way to a pick-up point.
150px "Episode 3" 19 3 Paul Wilmshurst James Dormer August 24, 2012 0.333
Following a crisis, Stonebridge reassigns to Section 20. Scott and Stonebridge track down a radical Islamic cleric in Niger in order to recover the nuclear devices, but are sidetracked by a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) air strike and hostile locals. Scott is taken by the CIA, and gets reacquainted with Christy Bryant, his former colleague.
150px "Episode 4" 20 4 Paul Wilmshurst James Dormer August 31, 2012 0.266
150px "Episode 5" 21 5 Julian Holmes Richard Zajdlic September 7, 2012 0.325
150px "Episode 6" 22 6 Julian Holmes Richard Zajdlic September 14, 2012 0.263
150px "Episode 7" 23 7 Michael J. Bassett John Simpson September 21, 2012 0.358
150px "Episode 8" 24 8 Michael J. Bassett John Simpson September 28, 2012 0.310
150px "Episode 9" 25 9 Bill Eagles Tony Saint October 5, 2012 0.235
150px "Episode 10" 26 10 Bill Eagles October 12, 2012

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